Celebrating Americans: Quiz ~ Level II

1 - (1 pt.) What is the term applied to performances where the pianists create sounds using non-piano objects and/or unconventional techniques inside the piano?

2 - (2 pts.) Name the two "non-piano objects" placed on the piano strings to modify the sound in The Star-Spangled Banner / A Prayer For Peace.

3 - (2 pts.) Who wrote the lyrics to The Star Spangled Banner, and what was his profession?

4 - (1 pt.) In which war were these lyrics written?

5 - (2 pts.) Name two works that Gershwin wrote for piano and orchestra.

6 - (2 pts.) Where was George Gershwin born? From which country did his parents emigrate?

7 - (1 pt.) What is the name of Gershwin’s great opera?

8 - (1 pt.) Who commissioned Gershwin to write Rhapsody in Blue?

9 - (1 pt.) In a three-year period Felix Arndt recorded 3,000 _________________________.

10 - (1 pt.) What was the name of Felix Arndt’s wife?

11 - (2 pts.) Name the two composers whose work is featured in Not So Simple Gifts

12 - (3 pts.) Who was the most famous composer of the Ragtime Era and what are his two works performed on Celebrating Americans?

13 - (2 pts.) Which of the two following terms apply to Kirk Whipple’s Ballet for Two Pianos? A. Suite B. Opera C. Dances D. Prepared Piano

14 - (4 pts.) Name the four movements of Whipple’s Ballet for Two Pianos.

15 - (1 pt.) Vince Guaraldi produced music for which famous cartoonist?

16 - (2 pts.) What are the names of Vince Guaraldi’s two most famous instrumental pieces?

17 - (1 pt.) What was Guaraldi’s nickname?

18 - (2 pts.) What is the full title of Clarence Smith’s most famous piano piece and what were his middle two nicknames?

19 - (1 pt.) What is the name of Kirk Whipple’s partner?

20 - (1 pt.) Aside from pianos were any other instruments performed on Celebrating Americans?

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