Celebrating Americans: Answers to Quiz ~ Level III (60 + 5 bonus points = 65 total points)

1 - (9 pts.)

    1. Title of the national anthem of the U.S.A:
    2. Author of the lyrics:
    3. War that inspired these lyrics:
    4. Original piece of music the U.S.A anthem was based upon:
    5. U.S. president in office when the lyrics were written:
    6. Title of the Whipple / Morales arrangement:
    7. Term applied to unconventional performance techniques inside the piano?
    8. Event that inspired the duo to create the arrangement:
    9. U.S. president in office when the duo created their arrangement:

2 - (11 pts.)

    1. George Gershwin’s name at birth:
    2. Name two works that Gershwin wrote for piano and orchestra.
    3. >>>
    4. Birthplace of George Gershwin:
    5. From which country did Gershwin’s parents emigrate?
    6. First name of George Gershwin’s older brother:
    7. Creative contribution of George’s older brother:
    8. Name of Gershwin’s great opera:
    9. Name of person who commissioned Gershwin to write Rhapsody in Blue?
    10. Percussion instruments used in the Whipple/Morales recording:
    11. Gershwin’s original works brought together which two styles of music:

3 - (6 pts.)

    1. Name of the composer who landed Gershwin a job at Aeolian:
    2. Product that Gershwin and this composer produced at Aeolian:
    3. What substance is the above product made of?
    4. Name of the wife of the composer in question:
    5. Name of the piece dedicated to his wife:
    6. What percussion device was used in the recording on the above piece?

4 - (5 pts.)

    1. Names of the two known composers whose work is featured in Not So Simple Gifts:
    2. Musical technique used to develop (and change) this piece in the middle:
    3. Composer whose treatment of Simple Gifts inspired the arranger:
    4. The event for which this arrangement was created:
    5. (Aside from Simple Gifts) name of the musical work directly quoted in this arrangement:

5 - (5 pts.)

    1. Name of the most famous composer of the Ragtime Era and his two works performed on Celebrating Americans?
    2. >>>
    3. >>>
    4. Name one of this composer’s two operas:
    5. Name of this composer’s most famous piece for piano:

6 - (6 pts.)

    1. Name the four movements of Whipple’s Ballet for Two Pianos:
    2. >>>
    3. >>>
    4. >>>
    5. Who are these pieces dedicated to?
    6. Name one other musical term that could describe Ballet for Two Pianos:

7 - (7 pts.)

    1. What are the names of Vince Guaraldi’s two most famous instrumental pieces?
    2. >>>
    3. Name of Guaraldi’s breakthrough recording:
    4. Vince Guaraldi produced music for which famous cartoonist?
    5. Guaraldi’s nickname:
    6. What was Guaraldi’s largest concert work?
    7. Venue or city where was it first performed:

8 - (6 pts.)

    1. Full title of Clarence Smith’s most famous piano piece:
    2. Smith’s middle two nicknames:
    3. Name or abbreviation of the concert circuit that booked Smith:
    4. Name of person who encouraged Smith professionally:
    5. How old was Smith when he passed away:
    6. What was the cause of his death?

9 - (Misc: 5 pts.)

    1. What produced the "Woodstock Effect" on Linus & Lucy ?
    2. Name the two "non-piano objects" placed on the piano strings to modify the sound in The Star-Spangled Banner / A Prayer For Peace.
    3. Profession of the lyricist of The Star Spangled Banner:
    4. Name two of the three piano instrumentations used by the pianists on this recording
    5. Celebrating Americans was recorded in one evening in which month?

10 - (BONUS: 5 pts.)

    1. First name of the engineer or piano technician on Celebrating Americans:
    2. In which piece from Celebrating Americans was a string on the piano purposefully detuned?
    3. Name of original work Whipple & Morales performed at their wedding:
    4. Name of the graphic artist whose work is featured on Celebrating Americans and other recordings by Whipple & Morales:
    5. Name of the musical non-profit organization directed by Whipple & Morales:


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