The Unconservatory

Statement of Specific Purposes

The Unconservatory, a federal tax exempt non-profit corporation, was formed for and not limited to the following specific purposes:

A. The support, appreciation, and understanding of the following musical disciplines:

  1. Composition. Included shall be instruction of the improvisation, creation, and/or arrangement of solo and ensemble works of all form and scope.
  2. Performance. The preparation and presentation of public and private concerts of all form and scope shall be discussed and supported.
  3. Recording. Musical works original and otherwise will be recorded for the benefit of instruction, the advancement of the creators and performers, and for the good of the community at large.

B. The support and development of amateur and professional artists with the following programs and philosophies:

  1. Private and group instruction will be presented.
  2. Tactical support for the careers of emerging artists will be made available in the form of audition preparation, concert presentation and publicity, counseling in business matters, and any other assistance at the disposal of The Unconservatory.
  3. The Unconservatory will be known as a place where artists may freely express their ideas and talents with the hope that, in the process, significant cultural contributions will be made to the world.

C. To be able to better service the needs of musical artists and the community by attracting funding to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Providing scholarship funds for deserving talented and/or financially needy students.
  2. Encouraging the creation, performance, and recording of new and old musical works.
  3. Publicizing the artistic efforts of The Unconservatory and other artists, artistic groups and organizations.
  4. The development, maintenance, and improvement of equipment and facilities.

D. The creation and security to provide for an organizational and administrative staff to insure the long-term viability of The Unconservatory and its commitment to the above efforts.

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