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—for Pablo Rodriguez

Comes the vibrato of human existence
pulsing with the florid energy of birds—
The audience in the balcony looks down
on the crescendo-climbing rainbow
graduating from the nightclub schools of the world.
ˇEso es! A savvy voice alights on the limbs
of trees tangoing with the juicy wind.
Liana vines against city streets.

In the language of skin,
we climbed out of the trees
to dance on the land, without caesura.
The timbre of lime, mango and blue notes
sing of tropical leaf structures.
The raucous flight of macaws
parrots the jeweled feathers of night
dressed in fireworks and champagne.
ˇAlegre! Porque las estrellas bailan conmigo!

A delicious chill—modern fusion.
Oh yes, deep in the thighs.
He leans against the wall, cool
familiarity addressing us in the barrios.
The sound of night has changed the color of its dreams.
The siren rain finds us so civilized, so convivial,
it sambas out: Mueve, mueve, mueve.

On the androgynous pillow of sleep,
the pupiled eye of night is restless
as a blue guitar, for tomorrow will find
the world young and bright:
a glistening sun
in the heart of the papaya.

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