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Elemental Portraits:

Nocturnes for Two Pianos

Musical compositions by Kirk Whipple

Poems by Maureen Hurley

(Each piece of poetry by Maureen Hurley was inspired by a corresponding two-piano piece (of the same title) by Kirk Whipple. Hurley and Whipple had several personal conversations about the sources of inspiration during the creation of the poems.)


Prelude: Undressing The Muse

Overture: Collage Nocturnes

Kosal Long: Sunset At Ilsanjo

Ilá: Deep Ocean Wave

Virginia: The Steady Flame

Uncle Al’s Cloudscape

For The Two Of Us

Michelle: A Patriot’s Dream

Helen: Tanzania Dressage

Pablo: A Party Of One!

Katie: The Nightingale

Randy: Neon Rain

Joe: Sunrise At Occidental

Coda: Elemental Portraits

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