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—for Randy Frary

An echo in the darkness—
The endless stranger
inside the depths of night.
Each step paints a jazznote in the forest,
a path of low registers & signatures—

Three dimensional music
weaves the sky into ambient patterns,
new nocturnes for this dragstripped century.
Trees bow to an audience of tinted leaves
in the asphalt jungle.
What color, the trees? the leaves,
or the sky for that matter?
Who’s reading the score?
The neon side of night, bits & bytes
in the dark forest
paint alternate realities.

A hawk circling the field
for yesterday’s mouse
hidden in tall grass, spirals
against the well of the digital sky.
The orphan rain falls in colors—
patterns of rain on the cathode sea.
Eclipsed notes hug the shoreline.
Cross- and counter-currents
seek the beginnings of innocence
just before the dawn.
A child plays with his own hands
in wonderment:
an unending puzzle of fingers.
Neon rain, dyslexic writing
needs water as a mirror
to admire its own beauty.

Falling rain, steady rain on the piano,
a vessel to carry us from the past.
The simplicity of stones in the stream
both beautiful and plain.

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