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1. John Browning’s instrument.

6. In Italian, much.

11. Bedrich __________, Czech composer of operas, "The Bartered Bride" and "The Kiss."

18. "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" is an example.

19. Jacques __________, French composer of a most famous concerto for the instrument in 69 down.

20. One more than a duplet.

21. Recorded (on cassette).

23. The composer in 128 across wrote 24 of these.

26. Middle "___".

27. Three words: German composer. 1685 to 1750.

34. Seats for two string quartets and a duo piano team.

35. Two words: "___ _______ musical problems. I am a musical theorist."

36. In Italian, go back to the sign. Missing letter: Del Seg_o.

37. 1871 opera by Giuseppi Verdi.

38. Flat "2" in solfege or Sun God. (Plural)

39. The French have a longer spelling for this lively dance.

41. In the orchestra, the flutes and clarinets are ______ each other.

42. An adjective not infrequently ascribed to new styles of music by perplexed audiences.

45. Same as 65 across.

46. "_______ der (47 down)," title of an inspired short piece by Robert Schumann.

47. A snack that goes well with mariachi music.

49. ______ Kenton, big band leader.

51. French composer Francis Poulenc may have eaten this soup, but he would have spelled it differently.

53. Same as 73 across.

54. Two words: German composer Richard Wagner’s opera cycle "Götterdämmerung" was based upon ___ _______.

55. Blues guitarist King.

57. " As Time Goes ___".

58. A slow tempo marking.

59. The only tone truly common to both E flat major and A major.

60. Italian abbr: Go back to the beginning.

61. Songs in operas.

63. A symph. is a musical _____.

64. Two choices are possible here.

65. Same as 99 down.

66. Initials for composers Hartmann, Hesse and Honegger.

67. 1900 opera by Giacomo Puccini.

70. Same as 110 across.

71. English composer Britten, to his friends.

73. Same as 53 across.

74. 20th century American composer, Elliott.

77. In Italian, go on to the next. Now.

80. Christoph Willibald _______, composer of operas "Orfeo ed Euridice" and "Alceste."

83. In solfege, sharp "6".

84. Number of pianists needed to play "Petite Suite" by Claude Debussy.

86. Direction that the composer in 131 across would have had to travel to visit composer Edvard Grieg’s home.

87. Carpenter’s song title: "We’ve _____ Just Begun."

88. English translation for 23 across or what a student does.

90. Piece from "Mikrokosmos" by Hungarian composer Bela Bartok "From the Diary _____ a (91 down)."

92. Spanish: "and."

93. Where a pianist might hide his imperfect recordings.

94. Asks a question.

95. Belonging to composer Schifrin, or several Edouards.

98. Melody.

100. Yoko _____.

101. Song from "The Wizard of Oz:" "_____ I only had a brain."

102. Latin abbr. for the left hand.

103. The darkest of the church modes. Not dorian or aeolian.

105. Letters in titles of works by W. A. Mozart.

107. Initials for Czech composer Navrátil.

108. First name of composer in 131 across. Missing letters: Manu _ _.

109. Third tone of the major scale.

110. Same as 140 down.

111. English for 78 down.

113. Initials for Russian composer of "Petrouchka."

115. Same as 26 across.

116. German composer. 1770 to 1827. Three words.

126. "7" in F major.

127. They extend note values.

128. Usually the first instrument heard in a full orchestral concert.

129. Currently resides next to Jim Morrison. Poland’s most famous composer.

130. Homeland of composer Gabriel Fauré. (Abbr.)

131. A northern U.S. state or, a name I call myself.

132. Last name of composer in 108 across missing letters: De Fa _ _ a.

133. Two words: It’s not that far, but you have to go _____ _____ to reach the second major scale tone.

134. The composer in 27 down was an influence on this 20th century American Neo-Romantic composer Howard.

135. Initials of famed conductor of the NBC Symphony.

136. Two words: "_____ _____ Mio." Famous song by Italian composer Eduardo Di Capua.

138. A large musical form. The composer in 115 across wrote nine.

140. Very slow. Also a Florida Key.


1. Device that can be found in a modern recording studio.

2. Initials of Spanish composer of "Iberia." 1861 to 1909.

3. Composers Arenski, Bruckner and Rubinstein.

4 He built the legendary boat in 93 down.

5. Two words: In Indian solfege, sargam, we sing the fifth of the scale _____ _____.

6. Monk tune, "Round _______."

7. Abbr. for the instrument referenced in 104 down.

8. "___ Sacre du Printemps," famous work by Stravinsky.

9. Clarinet clef.

10. Italian for the "perfect" interval between two consecutive "C’s" on the piano.

11. Famous brand name of the instrument in 1 across.

12. Two words: Gloria, Emilio’s wife. (Abbr.)

13. Composer of "West Side Story" and conductor. Missing letters:

Leonard Bernst _ _ n.

14. Abbr. for Dizzy Gillespie’s instrument.

15. Italian for 111 across.

16. Compass direction.

17. Three words: Of the two he wrote, his Op. 23 in B-flat Major is by far the more popular.

22. "_____ Blanc Et Noir," piece for two pianos by Claude Debussy.

24. Those who transcribe music electronically are computer _____.

25. Italian composer 1797 to 1848. Missing letters: Gaetano _onize_ti.

27. Belonging to Finnish composer Sibelius. (He might have even worn these.)

28. Missing letters: Composer Orlando di La _ _ o.

29. It takes this long for a complete performance of "Music of the Spheres."

30. Same as 36 across.

31. 20th century American composer Samuel. Most recently famous for use of his "Adagio for Strings" in many movies.

32. Page turners are _____ pianists in concert.

33. Recording format.

34. Pertaining to three note chords.

39. What rock and blue musicians do.

40. An emotional quality that could be ascribed to Maurice Ravel’s "Le Gibet" from "Gaspard de la Nuit."

43. Same as 22 down.

44. Same as 45 across.

47. "Eine Kleine _____ Musik," title of a popular work by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

48. Song from "Oklahoma":

"_____ What a Beautiful Morning."

50. Ted Turner’s company.

52. Missing letters: Conductor Leopold _ _ okowski.

55. What Chopin might have called one of George Sand’s children in anger (If he spoke English).

56. Wrote "Symphony Fantastique," Missing letters: Heitor _ erl _ oz..

58. Opposite of staccato.

60. _______ Milhaud, French composer. Wrote "Scaramouche."

61. All operas have at least one.

62. When violinists, use the bow.

67. All legendary manuscripts came from these.

68. Same as 136 down.

69. Charlie Parker’s instrument.

71. English translation for title of Mozart’s opera "Die Fledermaus:" "The _____."

72. Same as 125 across.

73. Two words: The sound 2 coins make when they strike each other only once.

75. Alternate instrument for James Galway. (Plural)

76. What a composer meticulously does with a composition before publishing it.

78. German for 15 down.

79. Response to sad music.

81. Much, a whole _____.

82. Preposition used in formal speech.

85. Nationality of composer Charles Ives.

88. German play.

89. Get softer. (Abbr.)

90. One of these is needed to perform the action in the clue for 18 across.

91. Piece from Mikrokosmos by Bela Bartok "From the Diary (90 across) a _____."

93. Animal Ferry.

95. Not the right hand.

96. Drummer and Band leader Buddy Rich was reputed to act like an _____ when angered.

97. Spanish solfege for the 7th degree.

98. "_______ and Cleopatra," subjects of an opera by 31 down.

99. Same as 45 across.

103. What a pianists does with her wrist in order to gracefully execute an arpeggio.

104. The tuning note played by the instrument in 127 across.

106. Great European music center. Birthplace of many musical greats.

109. The left hand, to Lili or Nadia Boulanger. (Abbr.)

112. A word that a music student might use after missing a note.

114. Military drum. (Abbr.)

116. In solfege, sharp "1."

118. "The _______ Tempered Klavier" Famous major work by composer in 27 across.

119. "_____ of the Dead," Symphonic poem by Russian composer, Sergei Rachmaninov.

120. Two words: "It’s _____ _____!" The first words heard (but not necessarily understood) by many composers.

121. The "thing" creative artists tend to avoid, "the _____."

122. Unfortunately, a noise that frequently annoys concert goers.

123. A valley is a good place to hear this.

124. Greater or lesser __________.

125. Six stringed fretted instrument related to the violin.

130. Bassoon. (Abbr.)

131. "_____ Betta Blues." Movie.

137. Same as 68 down.

139. Last letter in 86 across.

141. Same as 70 across.

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