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Musical Studies

Study materials for students, teachers and other music lovers.

Welcome students, teachers and other music lovers! This section will always be a work in progress. So, if you like what you see, keep on checking back every few weeks for more!

The purpose of this study guide is to provide teachers with new and interesting musical resources for the classroom. We at The Unconservatory hope that teachers will try the puzzles on their own.

Incidentally, teachers and students are hereby given permission to reprint the study guide materials in this section of The Unconservatory web site, but if - and only if:

(1) These study guide materials are to be used only for teaching in the classroom, and

(2) These study guide materials will not be reprinted for publication and/or profit.

Study Guide, Section 2: Music For Two Pianos: Creators and Performers

Study Guide, Section 3: Biographical snapshots of some famous (and not-so-famous!) composers
Compiled by Kirk Whipple & Marilyn Morales

Section 3S: Spanish Composer Bios

Study Guide, Section 5: Ideas For Classroom Study and Discussion

Study Guide, Section 7: Bibliography

Study Guide, Section 8: Musical Potpourri Crossword

Study Guide, Section 8B: Crossword Answers

Study Guide, Section 8C: Musical Potpourri Crossword Clues

Study Guide, Section 9: Composer Word Search

Study Guide, Section 9B: Word Search Answers

Study Guide, Section 9C: Last Name List

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