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The Unconservatory

About us


Our mission statement: "The Unconservatory, Inc. is a non-profit musical organization dedicated to creation, performance, recording & education in the musical arts."


What we do:

The Unconservatory maintains this official website in the promotion of our cultural and educational mission.

We offer forums, articles and other educational resources on a wide variety of subjects related to our mission.

We promote the work of living and historic musicians and musical educators.

We present events in our local communities and produce limited national and international touring projects.

As time permits, we personally respond to inquiries received from visitors to this site.

The Unconservatory welcomes submissions of articles as well as new ideas to expand this web site and our mission in the United States and abroad.


What we do not do:

The Unconservatory is not a foundation. We do not operate granting programs.

We are not a grant writing service.

We are not a political organization, nor are we affiliated with any political organizations.

We do not offer legal counsel.

We are not a record company or talent agency. The artists and educators presented on this web site are responsible for the promotion of their own careers and the content of their recordings and writings.


What we could do:

The Unconservatory is an evolving organization and depends upon financial support from granting organizations, corporate sponsors and private supporters. We also depend upon grass roots support in our local communities and around the world. The more support we get, the more we can accomplish.

If you can assist us in any way with our cultural and educational mission we want to hear from you! Please feel free to email your offers of assistance, submissions, questions or comments to The Directors.


For foundations, corporate sponsors and private supporters wishing to verify the nonprofit status of our organization, please visit our Official Documents page.