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Articles on music, music education, music performance, American culture, and aesthetics.

A Case for Live Concerts, by Kirk Whipple

A Few Great Reasons to Attend Student (and other!) Performances, by Kirk Whipple and Marilyn Morales

All the World's a Stage, by Steve Bruner

Artist Rant: Music and Soccer, by Kirk Whipple

The Art of Listening, by Ken Blacklock

Confessions of a Flute Player: How I Conquered Anxiety and Learned to Love Performing, by Patricia A. Onufrak

Dangerous and Beautiful Thoughts, by Kirk Whipple

Excerpts from Harmonic Experience, by W.A. Mathieu

Getting Started in Music: Some Tips, by the Unconservatory

How to Practice, by Ken Blacklock

How to Select a Music Teacher, by Kirk Whipple and Marilyn Morales

Jazz Music for the Left Hand, by Kirk Whipple (Additional material by Marilyn Morales)

Letter to a Young Musician: On Artistic Ability, Entertainment, and the Music Industry, by Ken Blacklock, Kirk Whipple, and Marilyn Morales

Letter to a Young Musician: On Becoming a Classical Musician, by Ken Blacklock

Kirk & Marilyn: Costa Rica, December 1996, by Kirk Whipple and Marilyn Morales

The Myth of "Perfect Pitch"..... and How to Get "It", by Kirk Whipple

Notes on Three Classics in the Aesthetic of Music, Review by Ken Blacklock

On Piano Playing, by Mickie Willis

Perfect pitch: Getting a VC's attention (and dollars), by Steve Bruner

Playing Left Handed Piano Music, by Antonio Iturrioz

The Real Millennium Bug, by Kirk Whipple

Scott Joplin, by Ken Blacklock

Tickets or Tylenol: A Parent’s Choice, by Arin Stevens

Your own private think tank: Part 1, by Steve Bruner

Valuable and Destructive Listening Experiences, by Kirk Whipple

What Makes "Good Music" Good?, by Mickie Willis

Why Do So Many Smart People Listen to Such Terrible Music?, by Mickie Willis

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