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Related Links

Links to other music related websites.

  • Accessible Contemporary Music - A non-profit organization based in Chicago, IL, that promotes the performance and understanding of contemporary music, especially that of emerging composers in the Chicago area.
  • The Adult Music Student Forum - A nonprofit corporation that promotes the educational and performance interests of active adult non-professional, non-collegiate instrumental and vocal students, whether they are beginners, persons returning to music after an extended absence, or advanced students, whether study is formal or self-directed.
  • Chamber Music America - An organization that promotes chamber music throughout the United States and supports the work of chamber musicians.
  • www.enchantedear.com - The Enchanted Ear series: Stories by Paul McKay about the profound, often inspiring effects of music.
  • Instrument Jokes - Don't visit this web site if you are easily offended by disparaging remarks about your musical instrument - especially viola players!
  • Mapping the Musical Brain - An article that should be read by every music lover. Part of the Enchanted Ear series by Paul McKay.
  • Composers seeking assistance in getting new works performed should check out Meet The Composer, an organization that offers commisions for new works to composers.
  • Music Aid - The World Music Foundation's website.
  • Piano Music for the Left Hand Alone - This site features a catalogue of more than 450 composers who wrote piano music for the left hand alone, along with links and information about the performers of this rare musical discipline. Created and hosted by Danish music professor Hans Brofeldt, this online resource is dedicated to thefamous champion of piano music for the left hand alone, Paul Wittgenstein.
  • Treemonisha - A site dedicated to Scott Joplin's great American opera, Treemonisha. The site has a synopsis, the complete libretto, and the music in midi format.

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